Virtual House Calls with Dr. Josie.

HOW to register? Please sign up here for free.

WHEN do we meet? Weekly on Saturdays at 10AM EST. But on 8/19/23 we meet at 8am.

WHAT do we cover? The informal group of post-treatment cancer survivors is very welcoming and friendly. We discuss a wide range of topics that range from hobbies to health and anything in between. Also note special topics below:

  • 12/9/23 at 11AM EST: “Writing as Healing” sessions with special guest Brad Buchanan.

PS: I apologize in advance for the inconvenience of the possibility that I may not always be able to attend, due to my health issues. I will try to send out a cancellation notification via Social Media or email for those who have subscribed to the email list serv. However, if i do not show after 5 min please try again the following week.

Speaking or press inquiries can be submitted here.

“Dr. Josie” van Londen, MD, MS aims to:

– Ease your role when your life has been touched by cancer (whether that be as a cancer survivor, a caregiver, or a health care worker).

– Be a resource for (evidence-based) empowerment, and inspiration.

– Integrate her unique experience as a clinician (a board certified geriatrician and medical oncologist as well as a psychoanalyst-in-training) and cancer survivor.

– Adapt to the audience needs in an engaging manner and provide practical takeaways.