When It Simply Becomes Too Much…

We all know that someday, we will all face death. A cancer diagnosis makes this realization personal, and often comes at a time that we would not have necessarily thought of our own mortality. As you reach the post-treatment phase, you may find that your priorities in life have changed and this may lead you to consider making changes in your life. You may be worried about your environment and what you put on or in your body as you continue to wonder why or how you developed the cancer. The people around you may not understand or even be open to talk with you about these changes. After so much focus on the treatment of your body and the cancer, you owe it to yourself to tend to your emotional needs and long-term goals. 

Emotional distress is real and can negatively affect your quality and quantity of life. But worrying about being stressed can have negative health effects on its own

Don’t be afraid to seek the help you need to heal from this journey. Most likely your cancer diagnosis started abruptly and forcefully pulled you away from life as you knew it.  The journey continues and now leaves you to pick up the pieces from this experience. It can continue to be overwhelming and even traumatizingat times.

Consider reaching out to the many professional services that are available to you within your community. One or a combination of interventions may sometimes be recommended (e.g. exercise, talk therapy and/or medications). Professional therapists are ready to help you process and make sense of your thoughts; to help you find new meaning and purpose, and to help you build new hopes and dreams.

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  1. I had a dog named lady who took care of husband who had pulmonary hypertension she race to me when his alarms went off so I could inject when the cables came out of his back. She was not changed profectionally but she knew when something was going wrong with my husband for the 3 years my husband was dying..a beautiful husky kept me going for the 4 years that my husband passed. I be laying there but my dog jumped around to she had me smiling she even got me into my yard with the beautiful flowers were. Our dog took care of my husband while I was at work. Now our dog was pulling my heartbreak of losing my great husband

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